Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How to check-in for a flight in Etihad

There are 3 ways to check-in when taking an Etihad flight.

1. When purchasing a ticket online take note of your confirmation number. 48 hours prior to your flight check out the Etihad website www.etihadairways.com and use the web check-in feature of the site. You will be asked if you want to change the seat you were given. Check out the aircraft configuration to verify if you indeed got your desired seat. However if you purchased your ticket through an agent tell your agent your desired seat be it a window an aisle or whatever you desire, of course this is subject to availability and required safety feature of the aircraft.

2. If you want to check-in at the airport be sure to be there 3 hours before your departure time. Double check the time of departure as the airline follows the 24hour clock. Printed ticket is not necessary anymore however make sure you know your ticket number and present this along with your passport. If you purchased your ticket using a credit card be sure you have this with you or a photocopy of the card.

3. When arriving at the airport and queue is long go to the check-in kiosk. This is relatively easy to do. The machine will ask you to provide certain information like passport number, ticket number or confirmation number. Follow the instructions and feed the machine with relevant information it is asking. It should print your boarding pass and the luggage tags. Once you have this go to the baggage drop off and the agent will be assisting you with the tags.

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Etihad Summer Promo 2011

Etihad is the national airline of the United Arab Emirates. And it is the fastest growing airline in the world. It is the world's leading airline for 2010 and 2011. The Hub of Etihad which is in Abu Dhabi is an ideal spot for all connecting flights especially to Europe.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How to be a cabin crew for Philippine Airlines

How to be a cabin crew for Philippine Airlines (PAL)

Being a cabin crew is a fun job. Once your flight is done you don't think about anything else but your next flight ahead (be sure you do, missing your flight is a big offense).

Here's how to WIN the Impact interview ( the impact interview is the first round of interview you would get as a candidate for the job).

1.SMILE! Once you enter the premises of PAL SMILE and don't stop smiling! Be sure you greet everyone you meet in the office from the security guards to the clerks you'll never know who you will bump into there. They may look ordinary but they may be the top bosses of PAL. When some one opens the door for you say “thank you”.

2.Very important is the attire. Make sure you are in a strict business attire.
Ladies be in a skirt a blouse and a blazer, wear stocking and closed high heeled shoes. Wear make-up. Act prim and proper. When sitting be sure you are sitting up straight all the time. Put your hair up in a bun possibly with a hairnet.
Men wear long sleeves and neck-tie (neck-tie must touch the tip of the buckle of the belt) if you can wear a suit. Make sure your shoes are polished.
Note that they check for visible scars and tattoos if you have they may not take you. They may also ask you to lift your skirt a bit.
Remember this is the first impression interview.

3.Before your impact interview get from HR the name of the person who is going to do the interview. It will be a great advantage if you know the name. Normally the cabin crew managers do this or the line administrators (they will be you supervisor once you are released to flying). Make sure you have a pen on hand.

4.You will be asked to stand in front of all other candidates and asked to say something about yourself. I suggest if you come from a province say something about the province and what makes it special like some famous festival. Be confident but not overly confident.

5.There will be a psychological test make it appear you are a people-person.

If you pass this interview you will be invited for an executive panel interview.

Tips for the executive panel interview. The top bosses themselves will be their to asses all candidates.

1.Upon arriving at the venue for the interview greet all the people you see. The interviewers will be walking around and you will leave an impact if you are very courteous.
2.Sit straight and proper. For ladies sit with your legs closed and hands in lotus position. Chin should be parallel to the floor. Don't put your chin high as this might create an impression of over confidence. For men legs slight closed together and hands on top of your knees.
3.Answer in mild tone of voice with enthusiasm and confidence.
4.Upon leaving the room don't forget to say “thank you for having me” and smile!

Apply all these and you'll make it for sure!